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2023 Beijing Pharmaceutical industry "Tongrentang Cup" vocational skills competition rematch activities successfully completed

           Beijing Pharmaceutical Association Yu2023716日,Successfully completed the 2023 Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry "Tongrentang Cup" vocational skills competition rematch。

The competition project is "Chinese Medicine dispenser", a total of 85 players through the preliminary selection to enter the final round。赛前,Association in order to better serve the players,Improve the level of competition,Show a wonderful competition effect,We specially employ industry expert teachers with many years of relevant vocational skills education and vocational skills competition to provide pre-competition guidance,The paper explains and explains the process, form, theoretical knowledge and practical operation of the final match。
In this competition, both theoretical knowledge and practical operation were assessed。The content of theoretical knowledge examination isProfessional ethics, basic knowledge of proprietary Chinese medicine, safety service knowledge, laws and regulationsAnd other related content。The actual operation assessment content is the identification of decoction pieces, prescription review, dispensing bag, etc。通过全面Assess the professional knowledge and ability, business operation level and service concept of the players, so as to improve the professional ability of practitioners in TCM dispensing positions and better provide services for the people's safe drug use。
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