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Spring health care tips

     After the beginning of spring, Yang began to rise, so spring health care must comply with the spring, pay attention to the changing climate, from the following four aspects to health care。

1, cold and wind do not ignore   

Winter March vegetation withered, frozen insects volts, the human metabolism slows down, resistance decline, easy to get sick, but also particularly easy to damage Yang, spring health care do not rush to reduce clothes。Slight wind cold, prone to chronic illness。

2, diet is the key   

The basic principle of spring health care diet should be based on "hiding heat", therefore, winter should eat more mutton, dog meat, goose meat, duck meat, radish, walnuts, chestnuts, sweet potatoes and so on。Should choose sweet, mild and delicious food, avoid greasy, cold, sour, sticky and hot products, to prevent heat fire。

3. Exercise is important   

Spring health care exercise is a very important part of the life lies in the movement。Movement is to nourish the form, and activity is to flow。Regular activity, proper exercise, this is the secret of longevity through the ages。However, "move" has active and passive points, in order to adapt to the anger of spring, when the active movement, perseverance as the main。

4. Mental recuperation is beneficial   

Spring health care spiritual recuperation is very beneficial, in addition to maintaining spiritual quiet, in God hidden in the time to learn to adjust the bad mood, when in tension, excitement, anxiety, depression and other states, should restore psychological calm as soon as possible。



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